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Emissions Testing

We are an Accredited Test and Repair Facility for Ontario's Drive Clean program.

We can test all light duty vehicles from 1988 to the current year. This is for gasoline, propane and diesel powered vehicles.

Two-Speed Idle (TSI)
Vehicles from 1988 to 1997 require a Two-Speed Idle (TSI) test. This is the tail pipe testing most people are familiar with.

On-Board Diagnostic (OBD)
Vehicles 1998 and newer require an On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) test. This is when the test is performed by reading the vehicle's computer.

Find out if you need a test.

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Ministry of Transportation of Ontario Inspection Station

We are an inspection station for the Ministry of Transportation. We are licensed to perform structural inspections (type 6 station) and safety standards inspections.

We are listed here (left column, second down) on the MTO website.

If your vehicle is branded or titled, "SALVAGE", you will need a structural inspection.
For more information regarding vehicle branding, you may refer to the Mandatory Vehicle Branding program.

For more information regarding structural inspections and the requirments, you may refer to the Highway Traffic Act R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 601.

Frame Repair

We adjust vehicle frames using state of the art Laser Frame Measurement System to ensure all frames and unibody meet factory specifications.

Paint Work

We have a new down draft spray booth to ensure a clean and high quality paint job.
More photos are available on our Projects page.

4-Wheel Alignment

We have a state of the art Hoffman Laser Wheel Alignment System to ensure your vehicle will drive straight on the road.